Go Green

Go Green

How To Reuse Your Skymint Packaging

As we ease into the new year, our ideas of wellness have shifted from what they once were. After a year of unpredictability and stress, feeling good can seem like a luxury—but it shouldn’t be. So, we advocate using cannabis to improve your wellbeing. Then, after you’ve used your favorite flower, upcycle your cannabis packaging to reduce waste and keep the good vibes going. It’s a win-win.

Use Your Flower Jars to:

1. Make a Planter

From good storage for flower to a great place for a new seed to grow. Even if you’re not a green thumb, you’ve got this! Clean out your jar, put some rocks in the bottom, choose your tiny plant, and pack it in with fresh potting soil. Not sure which plant to choose? Start with a succulent—they’re typically on the smaller side, ultra low-maintenance, and look great on a windowsill, shelf or side table. Just don’t forget a little water every few weeks!

2. Stash Your Bobby Pins

Transform your jar from a weed stash into smart storage for other small items that often go astray—like all those bobby pins and hair ties you likely have in the most random places. Just clean out your jar and stash away anything that needs a home in your vanity, bathroom, kitchen or beyond. Want to make it even more extra? Remove the Skymint label and make your own for whatever you put inside.

3. Ash Away

So you’ve crafted your flower into the perfect joint. You’re all rolled up and ready to go, but you have nowhere to ash during your smoke sesh—oh wait, yes you do. No need to clean out the jar, just use it need while you burn one down. Pro Tip: If you’re enjoying a joint away from home, these jars make the perfect storage for a small stash and ashing anywhere without creating a mess. Dump, rinse and repeat!

4. Pack Your Snacks

If you’re enjoying a joint away from home, you’ll probably want to bring some snacks with you, too. Clean out your jar with dish soap and fill it up with your favorite tasty treat. Think: Trail mix, granola, chocolate chips and more. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be so glad you planned and packed ahead.

5. Make a Candle

Keep your space smelling fresh after every smoke session with a custom, DIY candle. This one’s a little more involved—you’ll need a wick, some melted wax and essential oils to infuse your favorite fragrance, but it’s easy to achieve. Clean out your jar, place the wick upright (secure it in place with a pencil or something similarly shaped) and pour in your wax and essential oils. Once it’s set, it’s ready to light up whenever you are.

Use Your Glass Pre-Roll Tubes or Skymini Tubes To:

1. Pack Toiletries

Hopefully the year ahead will be filled with more traveling and adventures—in which case, save some money on travel-sized toiletries by repurposing your pre-roll tubes. Clean them thoroughly with soap and water and let them air out overnight (you don’t want that flower smell lingering in your shampoo). Fill ‘em up with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and anything else you might need to stash safely in your carry-on.

2. Keep New Joints Safe

Once you’ve enjoyed the pre-roll you purchased, use the tube to keep new joints safe, wherever you go. No need to clean out your tube—just roll up a joint, stash it in the tube, and toss it in your backpack or bag for safe keeping. Now that’s what we call going green.

3. Take Jewelry On The Go

If you have small valuables you need to keep safe on-the-go, stash them separately in individual pre-roll tubes. Small enough to pack a couple easily, these tubes keep necklaces and bracelets tangle-free, plus you can see what you stored inside, which means you’ll never forget to pack that essential accessory.

4. Store Q-Tips

You’ve already found the perfect place to store your bobby pins, but what about those other odd bathroom items you never know where to put? Pre-roll tubes are perfectly shaped for q-tips, toothpicks and other essentials that never seem to find a home.

5. Make A Secret Money Stash

If you want to store a few bucks in your car or take some cash with you on your errands without bringing a purse or wallet, roll ‘em up and store them in a pre-roll tube. Not only does it look pretty badass, it will keep your bills protected and stored together if you’re tossing them in a pocket or bag, or carrying them with you on a sweaty workout.

These are just a few ideas to get you started—but don’t be afraid to get creative! Tag us in your photos on Instagram to show us how you repurpose your Skymint flower jars. Here’s to a greener year ahead!