Jessica Golich’s Wellness Regimen


Detroit native Jessica Golich had already made up her mind to pack her belongings and move to California when Skymint changed her plans — and her life. Golich, 31, grew up in Southwest Detroit and is glad she stayed. “I have a lot of compassion for this city,” she says. “We are one of the poorest cities in the country yet we are so rich in culture. Working with Skymint has turned into a spiritual journey, because it’s kept me home. My brain was really stuck on packing up and going. This has been a dream come true.”


Joining the Conversation

A former music writer and photojournalist, Golich supports the arts in cannabis through her work as a social media influencer who attracts thousands of followers on such platforms as Instagram and TikTok. Last spring, a big California brand had tried to lure her west to support their social media efforts with her irreverent, music-driven posts. She was ready to go when Skymint reached out, inviting her to work instead with her hometown brand.

“It’s amazing that Skymint is a premium brand, because it’s very accessible and shows what a regulated market should look like,” she says. “They welcome all walks of life, there is no judgement of who you are, it’s all about what you bring to the conversation.”

Self-Care System

Golich — who often photographs herself with her long dread-locked hair tied up under a distinctive leopard skin hat she picked up at Target for just $14 — had her cannabis awakening after a misdiagnosis imposed a medication that never seemed right and nearly cost her her sanity. 

“Cannabis put me back in touch with myself,” Golich says. “I was so lost before I took the steps to realign myself with cannabis. That needed to happen because it brought me in touch with a medicine that comes from the Earth.”

Now healthy and well, Golich follows a rigorous daily routine that includes a yoga session upon awakening, Drought’s restorative green juice to keep her cells hydrated, phone-free walks through the city to work her muscles and release her mind, and plenty of cannabis taken in prudent doses throughout the day to support her creative work. 

“That is the key component of who I am as an entrepreneur,” she says. “Every single day, I have a strict regime of how I eat, how I move my body, how I unlock creativity in my mind.”

Big Bright Future

In addition to her online work as an influencer, Golich is capturing her mental health journey through an autobiographical work of poetry. “I feel at times that I’m a messenger and that words come through me when I’m stoned,” she says. “All my sorrows went up in smoke as I blaze through my pains. I have been able to analyze who I am and where I’m heading, and that is wellness. That dialed me into my center in a way I’ve never experienced.”

Golich says she has always known she was an artist. The only question was how to harness her innate talent. “I was first published when I was 11 years old in the Children’s Anthology of Poetry,” she says. “I knew then that my creative brain was peculiar. I wake up and feel as though the relationship I have with cannabis is so deep that it brings ideas through me.”

When asked how she is able to be creative every single day and do it for a living, Golich answers simply. “I’m one of those rare 1% cases that just has it. I want a big bright future — and so I have to do the work.”