10 Tips to Being a Better Person Through Yoga

Mary Ochsner

Yoga instructor, podcast host of Her Vibe is Pretty, and expecting mom-to-be Mary Ochsner is a woman whose life has been positively impacted by the practice of yoga. In 2018, she was inspired to quit her sales and marketing career to start her own business and share her love of yoga with others. In yoga, she found a calming lifestyle that not only made her a happier, healthier person but it also helped her deepen her relationships with other people. 

“I can honestly say that I was a better person after practicing yoga,” she says. She now shares tutorials with over 360k people on her Instagram and through her very own Mary Ochsner Yoga App.


10 Tips


She gave us 10 tips useful for those who already practice yoga as well as beginners looking to make yoga a part of their wellness routine:


1. The best time to get started is now
2. It’s okay to be a beginner
3. Five minutes of yoga is better than none
4. When in doubt, just breathe
5. Listen to your body, you are your own best teacher
6. The goal of yoga isn’t to be “perfect,” that’s why we call it a practice
7. Daily yoga will change your life
8. All sensations are temporary
9. Consistency is the best way to see results
10. You are amazing, and don’t you ever forget it!


Five is Better Than None


Ochsner assures us that 5-10 minutes is better than none. “Consistency is always a challenge!” she says. “Life gets busy, but it’s also important to make time for yourself each day to move and stretch your body.” 

During the pandemic when working from home is a challenge for physical activity, she suggests small movements throughout your day like the seated twist, side body stretch and cross leg fold. For pregnant women like herself, she urges really listening to your body, modifying poses, specific prenatal yoga courses and, of course, consulting your doctor.




Yoga and Cannabis


Before pregnancy, Ochsner found that cannabis was a great way to relax at the end of the day. “I find that it helps me quiet the noise in my busy mind and calm my body in a way where I still feel connected to myself,” she says, opting for SKYMINT edibles. Some yogis find that cannabis use during yoga facilitates a deep connection with mind and body, specifically the hybrid strain which merges the relaxing physical effects of indica and the more cerebral focus-improving effects of sativa. It can help with the important breathwork necessary for yoga, and consumers may be more willing to sink deeper into difficult poses. On Ochsner’s podcast ‘Her Vibe is Pretty,’ she chats with her co-host about how to connect deeper to your true self and start living your best life; it is the driving force behind why she does what she does.



You can follow Mary Ochsner on Instagram and download her yoga app for expert tutorials. For lifestyle advice, listen to Her Vibe is Pretty on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.