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Buy Sheefy McFly Merch to Benefit Cass


Do good, feel good, look good? Yes please! This trifecta of excellence is our focus as we celebrate diversity on the local level by highlighting the work of Detroit-based artist Sheefy McFly.

Sheefy’s amazing “Love and Peace” mural already graces the outside of our Hazel Park provisioning center — and his work is found on walls across metro Detroit and even downtown Los Angeles. Known for pop-up sales that sell-out immediately, Sheefy’s art is accessible, but you can’t always get it.


So we’re making it easy. In benefit of Cass Community Social Services, a uniquely Detroit nonprofit close to the artist’s heart, Sheefy has donated a fun, original, and toke-positive work we’ve handily transferred to totes ($25) and tees ($35) that are on sale now at Hazel Park. Only 100 of each are available, and all sales benefit Cass — as do our Skymint face masks. 


(What’s more, the original art piece that informs our totes and tees will be auctioned off on our @Skymintcannabis Instagram feed, so if you don’t yet follow us, you can fix that by clicking the link.

The do good/feel good/look good thing is a no-brainer particularly when it comes to Cass, a nonprofit that evolved from the community gathered around a neighborhood church who saw that change had come to their part of town and, rather than running from it, has endeavored for decades to instead serve it.


Supporting those impacted by HIV-related illness as well as homelessness both chronic and short-term, Cass offers smart and thoughtful solutions to a range of difficult civic problems. 


When the hateful segregation represented by the so-called “Wailing Wall” or “8-Mile Wall” that separated Black communities from housing built for whites only became a magnet for street art, Cass took a page from the Berlin Wall and transferred graffiti images from the wall onto coasters.


When the Motor City had an abundance of abandoned tires, Cass turned them into door mats and sandals

When folks are left without a safe place to live, Cass has a tiny homes program so innovative that even Rhi-Rhi supports it.  


Sheefy McFly Tees and totes are only available at Skymint Hazel Park, 20940 John R Road. Open 10 am to 9 pm. 313.379.5369