Nugs Of Knowledge

Flower Part 1: Cannabis Subspecies


What are cannabis subspecies you ask? Let us fill you in on everything you need to know about Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Kick back, relax and get educated!

Flower Part 2: Cannabis Anatomy


Cannabis! We love it, you love it, the world loves it but what the hell makes it so unique? We talked to our experts and got the inside scoop on this episode of Nugs of Knowledge.

Flower Part 3: Cannabinoids


Try saying Tetrahydrocannabinol three times fast…or just tune into this week’s #NugsofKnowledge on cannabanoids and learn all about it. Your move 😎.

Concentrates 101


Yes, we have a magical brief case of concentrates. On this episode, we’re gonna teach you all things concentrates. They’re strong, smell great and are the one of the most unique forms of plant medicine. Hit that play button!

Edibles 101


Edibles, they’re fun, easy and get the job done without the smell. It might seem pretty straight forward but there’s actually lots to learn about these wonderfully tasty creations. Tune in!

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