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Trimmed prices. Top-notch buds.

You shouldn’t have to choose between stress relief and relief on your wallet. With our “Bargain Buds,” you won’t have to. The only choice you’ll have to make is which one. (Or make it easy, choose both!)

PRICING REC: $12 pre-roll, $16 gram, $45 eighth MED: $9 pre-roll, $13 gram, $35 eighth

9 lb. Hammer Indica For deep sleep Flavors: Sweet | Grape | Lime Effects: Relaxed | Sleepy | Euphoria The perfect tool to knock away the day’s stress. Savor the sweet grape and lime flavors, and enjoy the heavy high that can lead to a deep, dreamless sleep.

Yem OG Indica For rest & relaxation Flavors: Earthy | Pine | Tropical Fruit Effects: Relaxed | Sedative | Euphoric Your best self starts with the best possible sleep. The hazy flavors of earth and pine will help you ease into tomorrow, so you can wake up refreshed and clear-headed.

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