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Jessica Golich

Cannabis Influencer

The Ritual of Cannabis

The ability to pause and reflect is a superpower. After long days of operating through the logical and primitive brain, traveling to the sublime through the inhalation of Indica strains serves to soothe the body and slow down the mind. As human beings living in highly industrialized environments, we are constantly bombarded with stimuli that challenges a mind’s ability to stay present. How often do you pause to think about what you are consuming? Whether it takes a heavy sativa to send you to the moon or your perfect combo is more correlated to an indica strain for total body relaxation, knowing yourself and what your body responds to aids in awakening a sacred relationship with the herb. Open up a bottle of soul glow and change the channel of your daily routine with our cannabis rituals that are bound to fuel you with food for thought. 

Cannabis for Dreaming

Cannabis reveals you to you along the way. Cannabis gives yet you have to be open to receiving. As a creative individual, my imagination led me to here and now. When you give yourself permission to soar, some of your most vibrant dreams and lucid thoughts can come alive through cannabis use before bedtime. When you create the time to close your eyes and tune into your state of mind, you are able to truly unwind.

Cannabis for Execution

You either let the noise drown itself out or take action in blocking all distractions. Many entrepreneurs, creatives and people alike tend to train their brains to expect the unexpected as daily sharp turns and twists naturally come and go. Through the uplifting and stimulating effects that can instantly elevate your mood, get into your groove with a daily spark of sativa which can aid in focus when it comes to work/study and cultivating your professional and personal development. 


  • Better time management
  • Clear-thinking
  • Inspiration 

Suggested Tech Tools for Optimization:

  • Canva for professional social graphics
  • InShot for video editing

Cannabis for Activity

Circling back to food for thought, who would have thought that we’d reach a place where cannabis and physical activity purposely coalesce? Holistically minded individuals and those alike incorporate cannabis and CBD into their workout routines just as another would grab a protein shake or bar. Serving to restore mental and physical bandwidth and to active recovery, cannabis users can incorporate High-CBD strains, both pre and post workout, to give their workouts just the right boost. 

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